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We believe that there is a need for great real estate photography, and that we can fill that need. Your listing deserves to stand out and capture your audience. Allow us to present your listing in the best light possible.

Our Value To You

Being a professional provider of Real Estate Photography in Seattle, adding value to your business is our main objective! We aim to provide you and your business the best imaging service in the PNW.

Your listing will get:

  • Free Sky Replacement
  • Next Morning Image Delivery
  • Free Fireplace “on” Photoshop
  • Both MLS & Print Quality Images
  • Free TV “on” Photoshop
  • Instant Image Downloading
  • Free Minor Blemish Removal
  • Our Utmost Dedication
  • Our Best Editing

Our methods showcase your listing in its most beautiful manner by simply creating imagery that looks very real, bright, and visually appealing. We deliver the images by next morning, because we realize that time is crucial!

Seattle Real Estate Photographer

Our work and style is unique because we utilize key elements such as proper angle positions, ambient light, additional artificial light, and great photoshop techniques in all of our images.

We don’t shoot HDR because it creates weird lighting shadows and often times ends up looking more like a painting than a photograph. Our style is superior. We capture multiple frames and use additional light and careful editing to create one amazing photo out of several. Each photograph is meticulously posed and edited to present the best view of the interior/exterior. We stand by our work so you can stand by your listing! So If you are looking for a provider of real estate photography near me, we are a one stop solution for you.

Our services & pricing

Our services and pricing are simple, and it’s all laid out here. No hidden fees, no gimmicks. Just see what’s right for you and let us know! We usually provide 25-45+ fully edited images (depending on size of the house).

  • video

    • $6504,501-5,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $6004,001-4,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $5503,501-4,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $5003,001-3,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4502,501-3,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4002,001-2,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $350UP TO 2,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • +$50ADDITIONAL 500 SQ. FT.
  • Photo

    • $5504,501-5,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $5004,001-4,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4503,501-4,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4003,001-3,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $3502,501-3,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $3002,001-2,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $250UP TO 2,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • +$50ADDITIONAL 500 SQ. FT.
    • +$50Virtual staging
    • +$50/pSimulated sunset (photoshopped dusk look)
    • +$150Additional duplex unit
    • $50WEEKEND FEE
    • $15Base Travel Fee
  • matterport 3d

    • $5504,501-5,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $5004,001-4,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4503,501-4,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $4003,001-3,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $3502,501-3,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $3002,001-2,500 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $250UP TO 2,000 SQ. FT. HOME
    • $1502D FLOOR PLAN *ADD-ON*

frequent questions

Take a look at these frequently asked questions, and if you have a question we have not answered, please send us a message!

  • How long does it take to get the pictures back?

    We guarantee a 24hr turn around time (except Saturday shoots), but 99% of the time get it to you the following morning.

  • How do you deliver the pictures?

    Edited photos are uploaded to a dropbox folder and shared with you in 2 files: MLS optimized for web use, and Print for full resolution needs. You are then able to download the photos as you please.

  • In what format do you deliver the images?

    We export the images in jpeg format, in full resolution and in optimized form for MLS, Zillow, Redfin, and all social media platforms.

  • Copyrights?

    Just as a singer keeps the rights to all of his songs, yet you’re still able to buy his songs online and enjoy them as much as you want, so do we, keep the copyrights of all our images, yet give you the right to enjoy and use them as much as you’d like.

  • Do you replace the sky if it is grey/cloudy/boring?

    Always. All skies that aren’t visually appealing are replaced with something much more captivating. There is no charge extra for this service because we find this to be extremely valuable in the PNW since the weather isn’t always nice.

  • Are you able to photoshop (remove) certain parts of the photo?

    Yes. We don’t like being dishonest though, so we prefer things to be physically removed prior to listing the home. As a buyer, would you want to come to a house in which there is a huge hole in the driveway, where the pictures show it completely different?

  • How do you prefer access to the home?

    Either a key under the mat or a lockbox with the access code provided on the day of booking. If the home is occupied, we will either need to schedule a time to meet there with you or inform homeowners of our arrival.

  • Is staging the home important?

    Yes! A staged home is capable of placing the viewer right into the living space. It gives a dynamic and realistic representation of the interior. If possible, absolutely stage the space!

  • Do you do twilight photos?

    Yes. We can shoot the listing at sunset, but it will incur an additional $100. We also offer a simulated sunset service in which we photoshop a regular day photo to look as though it was taken during sunset/dusk for and additional $35.

  • Do you do aerial photo/video?

    Yes to both. We are licensed to operate a drone.

  • What equipment do you use?

    The best equipment that gets the job done well!

    • Nikon D750 Body
    • Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 Lens
    • Vanguard Tripod
    • Godox Flash
    • Godox Flash Trigger
    • Crane 2 Stabilizer
    • DJI Phantom 4
    • iMac 27 5k
    • MacBook Pro 13
    • Latest Lightroom + Photoshop
    • Adobe Premier
  • Do you charge any taxes on the services you provide?

    No sales tax collected per RCW 82.08.02087. However, our credit card company charges 3.19% to run your card though online payment, which is reflected in the invoice.

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