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What Real Estate Agents Look For In A Real Estate Photographer

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When hiring a photographer for real estate photography, real estate agents typically look for the following qualities:

  1. Professionalism: Real estate agents want to work with photographers who are reliable, punctual, and professional in their approach to their work.
  2. Attention to detail: Real estate agents want photographers who are detail-oriented and able to capture the important features of a property.
  3. Quality of work: Real estate agents want to see a portfolio of high-quality photographs that showcase the photographer’s skills and style.
  4. Experience: Real estate agents often prefer to work with photographers who have experience in real estate photography and are familiar with the specific needs of this type of work.
  5. Equipment: Real estate agents may want to know what type of equipment the photographer uses to ensure that they will be able to capture high-quality images.
  6. Flexibility: Real estate agents appreciate photographers who are able to work around their schedule and are willing to accommodate last-minute requests.
  7. Price: Real estate agents will often consider the cost of hiring a photographer, as they need to stay within their budget.